Hi every one! Thanks for your valuable time in helping us make the Android version of the app work as well as the iOS version. We really appreciate it.

Things are still a work in progress. After the link to download the app, please review the list of known issues. If you encounter any issue not listed please email: Support  If you can please include a description of what your were doing as well as what the behavior was vs. expected behavior, that would be great!

Also please note that you will need a Google Account (@gmail.com) or a Google Apps account to join the test.

  • When the app first launches it will download the first group of tip and tip images in the background, so make sure you have an internet connection.
  • While it is doing this, please take the time to fill out the required questions. At the moment we are not doing anything with the optional questions, so those are not that important to answer except to test that functionality for future use.
  • Each time you launch the app a tip group will be downloaded in the background until you have 5 tip groups cached locally. Over time as tips are viewed they will be cleaned up and new tip groups will be downloaded.
Download Android Beta
Here is a list of known issues that either need to be fixed or are at present not available:
Calendar Section:
  1. For the upcoming events rows there should NOT be a pencil icon. Instead there should be a chevron > . When a user taps on one of those rows if the calendar month is not already showing for that event, the calendar should switch to that month.
  2. On some devices pressing the pencil does not bring up the edit question very easily. Not sure if this is a code issue or something with the device.
  3. On the tablet the heart showing on the actual calendar is being cutoff.
Tips Section:
  1. The offers section (the last page) is not finished yet. The deal icons do not wrap around when scrolling and the deal header text is missing. Also the layout needs to be adjusted some so the blue title area is better proportioned.
  2. We current do not provide a way to email diagnostic information to our support email account if a tip for some reason cannot be found on the device.
  3. From the home screen when selecting Yesterday’s tip the app crashed. When I tried the next few times after a restart it worked.
  4. When the period questions are not answered the HDHK + Help page should NOT be shown.
About Us Section:
  1. The About HDHK screen is currently not implemented.
  2. For the Tell a Friend email, the link to the app is missing from the email body.
  3. The Rate this App is not working because the app has not been published, however this should be checked to make sure the code is correct.
  4. When exiting from the Tutorial screen the user is brought to the question screen instead of back to the home screen.
Questions Section:
  1. You are not alerted with a dialog with congratulations for answering all of the required questions.
  2. You are not alerted with a dialog with congratulations for answering all of the optional questions.
  3. The date picker has been changed to a calendar. On the tablet a date picker/calendar hybrid is displayed. One thing I did not like is that when scrolling down I would accidentally press the cancel button which is located right below the scroll wheel. I believe on a phone only the calendar shows.
  4. When reaching the last question there should be a chevron > in the top right corner as there are with other questions that will take you back to the main questions list screen.
  5. There is no way to go back to a previous question. Pressing the back button on the device takes you back to the main questions list screen.
  6. There should be a check to make sure the period dates are valid. The end date cannot come before the start date, and the date range should be between 3 and 7 days.
Notifications Section:
  1. Currently there is no notification support. The screen still needs to be done and the user is not alerted to their daily tip.
  1. The app is a little sluggish in some parts.
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